Ing. Fritz Spatny

The company founder is the publisher of the edition!
In 1931, engineer Fritz Spatny founded his sandblasting shop.
At that time, the main focuses of the business were Art Nouveau glass, gravestones, memorial plaques onto which adopted patterns or self-drawn drafts were applied.
The technique of sandblasting and the artistic craftsmanship that remains still to this day, inspires us to use one brand across all our glasswork, the

Ing. Michael Müllner

The preservation of this traditional craft has been a priority for me since I joined the company, and I also saw the great potential for new possibilities and deployment in emerging markets.
The technology of sandblasting itself cannot be changed or improved significantly, but it is possible to extend its use and development to new applications and products.
Together with the innovative spirit of our master joinery, new products and innovations are created constantly, making us patent-ready among other things.
This spirit and the pursuit of new and high-quality products keep us going, and I wanted to dedicate this brand to the company’s founder, my grandfather engineer Fritz Spatny, a brand which seeks to incorporate tradition, innovation, as well as sustainability.
– Ing. Michael Müllner –
CEO and grandson of Fritz Spatny
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