Glass Applications

The sandblast
roughens the surface of the glass, thus it becomes matte. The degree of roughness, the result on the surface, depends on the grain size, the type of the blasting material, the blasting pressure, the distance to the item, the duration of the blasting process, and the angle of impact. We obtain our matte surfaces by treating them with very fine blasting material in order to achieve a satin-like surface.


Design applications:

  • Mattings and Engravings in once or multi-level operations
  • Patterns, letterings and logos
  • Surface patterns and surfaces


Technique applications:

  • Matting glass
  • Engraving glass
  • Matting mirrors
  • Blasting holes in glass
  • Parts of luminaire
  • Bottles
  • Pipes, half-shells, glass cups, vases, drinking glass
  • Washbasins


8. January 2018